Useful Links

Air Victory Museum - The Air Victory Museum is founded on the belief that victory belongs to those who reach out and seek innovation, to those who challenge conventional wisdom and to those who have the courage to apply that precious new knowledge.

Boalsburg Village - Boalsburg Village has kept its atmosphere of small-town intimacy and historic character for almost 200 years.

Golden Surf - Retired senior citizen resource for seniors navigating the internet

Backpack Europe - Travel Europe with backpack.

Cultural Travels - Cultural tours and travels.

Isleton - The charming town of Isleton, California (population 840), is located along the Sacramento River in the California Delta.

Elbrus - Elbrus (Caucasus, Russia) climbing and information about Mounth Elbrus
Tofco - Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon
Tombstone Sagebrush Inn - Built in January 1947, the Tombstone Sagebrush Inn became home to several western movie stars during the '50's and '60's

ROSE'S TURN - Piano bar & Cabaret

Disanet - Italian travel agency ( italian language)

Milan - Milan Italy

Samos - Samos Island Greece
Sophocles - Greek Mythology
Colosseum - Rome Italy